1 - 4 by Laura Hemming-Lowe

Vitalija Glovackyte: Glitch (2013)
Richard Bullen: Garden of Forking Paths (2012)
Andrew Hill: Abstracted Journeys (2013)
Brian Mark: towers, beautiful, mourning, Tuesday (2013)
Alex De Little: Trombones in Spaces (2013)
Michael Haleta: 40 points, 40 paths (2013)
Daniel Harle: Prayer (2011)
David Futers: four miniatures (2013)
Larry Goves: A Fire-Island Sky (2013)
Tom Rose: They don't shake your heartt (2013)
Mark Applebaum: Medium (2008)
Pauline Oliveros: Sound Patterns (1961)
Frederic Rzewski: Coming Together (1973)

Performers include
Stephen Upshaw viola
Aisha Orazbayeva violin
Otto Willberg double bass
Tom McKinney guitar
Tom Rose laptop
Vocal Constructivists choir
Simon Bookish voice
Chris Stark conductor
The Orchestra Project

Frederic Rzewski’s impassioned 1970s work, Coming Together, performed in honour of the American experimentalist's 75th birthday, provides the unifying climax to this concert of new works by an assortment of composers and sound artists that aims to capture the musical climate of today.

The new compositions have been selected by Sound Four and The Orchestra Project founders, Chris Stark and Kate Whitley, from an open call process (which has now closed) and will form the basis of the instrumentation for this unique performance of Coming Together .

Returning for a third year to Bold Tendencies are Stark and Whitley's The Orchestra Project, whose performance of The Rite of Spring at the car park two years ago was described as “the most exciting development in classical music in decades, if not centuries” (The Times).