Christopher Hobbs McCrimmon Will Never Return (1970-73)
James Clarke Island (2003)
Gavin Bryars 1, 2, 1-2-3-4 (1971)
Tim Parkinson untitled 2004b (2004) (world premiere)
John White Piano Sonata No 46
Christopher Hobbs Aran (1970-73)
Maggie Nicols Live improvisation
Consumer Electronics Estuary English (2014)

Leo Abrahams electric guitar (Bryars)
Philip Best voice, electronics (Consumer Electronics)
Gavin Bryars reed organ, percussion, double bass
Leo Chadburn voice (Bryars)
Sarah Froelich voice, electronics (Consumer Electronics)
Russell Haswell electronics (Consumer Electronics)
Christopher Hobbs reed organ, percussion, piano
Maggie Nicols voice (Bryars)
Ashley Paul saxophone (Bryars)
Lucy Railton cello (Bryars)
Philip Thomas piano, reed organ
John Tilbury piano, reed organ, percussion

This year, we open the festival with a survey of the many British composers and performers who have chosen to swim against the tide.

In a rare reunion since their Obscure Records days, Gavin Bryars and Christpher Hobbs will resurrect several key experimental works of the era. Alongside this John Tilbury will perform an early piano sonata by fellow experimentalist John White. Meanwhile, subterranean explorer Philip Thomas showcases the work of two composers - James Clarke and Tim Parkinson - who have sidestepped conventional musical thought in two very different ways.

It is through improvisation that some of Britain's most radical artists have found their voice. Tonight we witness the legendary solo vocals of Maggie Nicols (pictured above) and terrifying transgressions of Consumer Electronics (pictured below), active since the early 1980s. Their recent album Estuary English provides tonight's focus.

Lead photo credits
2: William Pine